Eggciting times at ACE


Everyone is getting very eggcited!

There is such eggspectation in the air!

Why could this be?

Could it be that the chicken coop is almost completed and the chickens will be arriving very soon?

In assembly this morning Mrs Willis talked to us about the new chicken enclosure and how the new hens are arriving next week. We are going to be responsible for looking after them. To do this we are forming a committee of pupils from each class who are going to help look after them.

They will need feeding every day – they have a special feeder that can be filled with pellets that should last for several days so that we don’t have to come in at the weekend.

Because the food is dry they will also needs lots of water. Again, there is a special water container that will give several days of water, won’t get knocked over and keeps the water clean.

They also need something to sleep in and we have a special hen house for them to keep them warm and safe from predators – especially foxes. The enclosure is also, hopefully, fox proof!

The hen house is going to need cleaning once a week and Mrs Willis is going to have a team of helpers every Friday to make sure that it is spotless.

The chicken committee will not only be responsible for feeding and cleaning the chickens, they will also decide what is going to happen to the eggs.

SATs practice – a chicken will lay one egg a day and we will have four chickens. We think we could sell the eggs at £1 for half a dozen eggs.

  • How many eggs will they lay in a year?
  • how much money could we raise?

Do you think that this is an eggcellent thing to do?

Do you have any egg or chicken jokes that you could share with us?