New Year in Forest School!

It was lovely to be back in our woodland this week, although it was very cold! We measured 3 degrees C on our thermometer.

This half term we are concentrating on birds. By the end of the half term we want the children to be able to recognise the birds that we see every day around school.

Here are photos of the birds we see every day ar ACE

This week we have been thinking about our birds in winter. The food sources are limited now, so we have been making pine cone bird feeders. We spotted the robin having a feed, so they must be tasty!

Forest School with Mrs Whittaker in Year 1

At Allerton CE Primary we are fortunate to have extensive grounds around the school, and this year my role is lead Forest School sessions with our Year 1 children. I take groups of children into our woodland area for planned sessions that enable the children to engage and explore the natural environment.

These are the activities so far:

We explored our woodland area to find 6 natural objects. We looked carefully to see what we had found and then played a memory game ( Kim’s game)

We looked at the difference between evergreen leaves and deciduous leaves and went on a hunt to find some evergreen laurel leaves.

We used these leaves to punch shapes in the leaves using a decorative hole punches!

We self register on our evergreen tree by hanging our own small log decoration on the tree

Our best sessions are when it’s raining! We have waterproof trousers and jackets to wear and a canopy over the log seats.

This week we searched for tree seeds and planted up pots, ready for germination in the spring. We went on seed gathering hunt, and spotted lots of berries too.