Monday 23rd March

I am amazed to hear that there were over 99 children who had been on Google classrooms, before 9am today! Huge well done and I am incredibly proud of you for working so hard.

Don’t forget that there are lots of links on the school website, to lots of on line learning.

Read Write Inc are broadcasting free online lessons, which will be excellent for all our children and also parents.

I forgot to log on to Joe Wicks this morning at 9am but will do that tomorrow! I hear it is a hard session so can’t wait to see photos of you all, post workout! Don’t forget to share all your work via Google classrooms or to email your class teacher.

Huge thanks to all the ACE staff because they really are living up to that name. I have always been proud of the team that we have built but in an unprecedented crisis as this one, they have been wonderful. Don’t forget to email if you should need anything or have any queries. The school phone line will not be accepting calls or taking messages at this time, as we are minimising the number of staff who need to be in school.

Enjoy day 1, be patient, be kind, build in routine and keep learning!

Travel safely!

With the summer holidays coming up and all this warm weather we are spending more time outdoors and travelling around, hopefully building up good memories. We want this summer to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Leeds City Council have a new blog full of great tips and suggestions for making the most of our summer and also for keeping ourselves safe. Do have a read!

Summer Road Safety