World War II pies!


Year 6 have been doing lots of cooking with Mrs Walker and Frances, from Maecare. They have learnt so much about rationing and the ingredients that were and were not available.

These pies smelt absolutely delicious but for some reason, I never got a slice!!! 🙁

Year 6 Maths Team



I have set the very able Year 6 Mathematicians a challenge.
Using resources from a difficult Maths competition site, they have a weekly challenge to complete. These ten children are now split in to two teams of five; pitted against each other.

Believe me when I say that these are tough challenges!
Team work, logic, mathematical knowledge and perseverance are all needed.

If they complete my weekly challenges, with determination, confidence and competence…a reward awaits!!

I will be starting a second Maths Challenge Group, after half term. This will be open to those children who are exceeding the target expected of their age group….anyone willing to have a go can join….but prepared for your brain to ache!!