Reopening plans for September

As shared with you in our newsletters and previous updates, we aim to send you all the details of our reopening plans, at the end of this week, following Governing Body approval on Friday afternoon.

As you can imagine, the Dfe guidance came out on the 2nd July and we have been working tirelessly to ensure we have thought about every aspect of reopening with 650 children and over 100 staff.

These have included detailed meetings with other groups of Heads, the Local Authority, expert medical  information and up to date guidance.

Our aim is for all pupils to be back in school in the first week but with very clear, meticulous guidance for all stakeholders.

We want everyone to feel safe returning, maintaining all the tight systems that we have had in place since March, when we had at least 50 children in every day.

I appreciate your frustrations and am very aware that many of you will be facing job insecurity and potential redundancy. Please be assured that by the end of the first week of term, ALL pupils will be back in full time (new Reception and Nursery children will continue with their phase introduction to school, as per our normal practice).

If you have any queries, AFTER that plan is sent out to you then please just email me directly.

kind regards
Helen Stott

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