Wed 25th March In school news

Today has been even quieter with less than a class full children in school but they have been working hard and having fun…making the most of the sunny day.

Jermaine and Mr Moore were busy with sports and outdoor learning. The children have discovered tadpoles in the mud puddles and mosaic tiles on the field. They also have a pea and a potato to take home and grow. Jermaine even cut the grass in his dinner hour!

At the end of the day Mr Moore and Miss Hall untangled a very cute fox cub from the football nets, and Mr Moore was bitten! He said that Elvis was not sympathetic, when he got home!

I’m sure the children will tell you all about it. Huge thanks to all the staff that are in school working; doing an incredible job. All the staff working at home and connecting via Google Classrooms too. Mr Moore says that the comments, enthusiasm and engagement has been incredible! Keep going!

Don’t forget to collect your Free School Meal packed lunch and contact if you have any questions or queries.

1 thought on “Wed 25th March In school news

  1. Kitty and Pippa have been loving their special time in school.
    Thank you all so, so much for being there with them, keeping them engaged. We really do appreciate it so very much ❤️

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