Wednesday photos

Week 1 and it’s Wednesday so here are some photos of what we have been up to so far.

Near the end of the day Mr Moore and Ms Hall took a group on an adventure looking for treasure and they found it! There was a very cute fox cub tangled in the football nets. Mr Moore and Ms Hall rescued the cub but not without incident, Mr Moore was bitten! The children went home with big smiles and great news.

When Mr Moore got home Elvis just laughed when he showed him his cut!

If you took home peas and potatoes, make sure you plant them to grow some more!

Wed 25th March In school news

Today has been even quieter with less than a class full children in school but they have been working hard and having fun…making the most of the sunny day.

Jermaine and Mr Moore were busy with sports and outdoor learning. The children have discovered tadpoles in the mud puddles and mosaic tiles on the field. They also have a pea and a potato to take home and grow. Jermaine even cut the grass in his dinner hour!

At the end of the day Mr Moore and Miss Hall untangled a very cute fox cub from the football nets, and Mr Moore was bitten! He said that Elvis was not sympathetic, when he got home!

I’m sure the children will tell you all about it. Huge thanks to all the staff that are in school working; doing an incredible job. All the staff working at home and connecting via Google Classrooms too. Mr Moore says that the comments, enthusiasm and engagement has been incredible! Keep going!

Don’t forget to collect your Free School Meal packed lunch and contact if you have any questions or queries.

Tuesday 24th March update

So did you join in with Joe Wickes this morning?! I did and it was a great start to the day. Let’s see if we can all join in tomorrow and see some positives of this self confinement. This is now essential in order to stop the spread of Coronavirus and to protect our NHS staff.

We have 25 children in today and they are working hard, enjoying being out of the home I imagine but sticking to our social distancing guidance.
Don’t forget to check out Mr Kay’s Maths Blog

Are your children eligible for Free school Meals? If so, a packed lunch is being made each day but so many were wasted yesterday. Please email with your chid’s name and yes/no if you have been contacted by the office. This will reduce food waste.

Monday 23rd March

I am amazed to hear that there were over 99 children who had been on Google classrooms, before 9am today! Huge well done and I am incredibly proud of you for working so hard.

Don’t forget that there are lots of links on the school website, to lots of on line learning.

Read Write Inc are broadcasting free online lessons, which will be excellent for all our children and also parents.

I forgot to log on to Joe Wicks this morning at 9am but will do that tomorrow! I hear it is a hard session so can’t wait to see photos of you all, post workout! Don’t forget to share all your work via Google classrooms or to email your class teacher.

Huge thanks to all the ACE staff because they really are living up to that name. I have always been proud of the team that we have built but in an unprecedented crisis as this one, they have been wonderful. Don’t forget to email if you should need anything or have any queries. The school phone line will not be accepting calls or taking messages at this time, as we are minimising the number of staff who need to be in school.

Enjoy day 1, be patient, be kind, build in routine and keep learning!

Planning for next week

Thank you to all the parents who have already emailed us with their key worker information and ID. Please can you do this by 12pm today, 20th March, as we will then plan for next week and email you confirmation of a place.

We are also planning to be open during what would have been our Easter holidays, in order to allow essential key workers to work, if you are required to do so. We will do this on a flexible, rota pattern for staff so that they still get their holiday entitlement, if they are happy to work in this way.

Again, thank you for cooperation at such a difficult time. What an amazing, ACE community we have here and I know that this will only strengthen us further.

Scam emails about free school meals

It appears a number of fake emails are circulating with a message similar to the below:

If your child’s school is closed and your child is entitled to free school meals; then to send your bank details to the school and they will help you with funding while schools are closed.

This is a new take on a very old but simple and very effective fraudulent scam. School will never ask you for your bank details via an email – please do not fall for this scam!